Viewing, Camping, Parking, Event Sites

Below are the confirmed Eclipse viewing, parking, camping, events areas
Over 800 primitive RV and Camping sites are currently available.

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Please note: Please do not interfere with others’ enjoyment of the Eclipse. Music, flying objects, flash photography,  disruptive acts, anything that will annoy or disrupt anyone’s experience or that will take away from this once-in-a-lifetime experience should not be done during the eclipse.
Please respect your neighbor and enjoy the experience.

These sites will have the automatic lights shut off so they will not come on during the eclipse.
For reservations and details on camping/parking, please call the individual phone numbers.

Carhenge – 2 1/2 miles north of Alliance on Hwy 87.
Totality time: 2 min. 28.5 sec
Celebrate the sun going dark – no viewing charge
Jeske’s (primitive) RV and Tent Res: (308) 762-3763
East side of Carhenge paid car parking, no reservations.

Laing Lake Park – Box Butte Avenue and 18th St.
Totality time: 2 min., 29.8 sec. – no viewing charge
Shady trees, large open areas
Alliance Berean Church Parking and primitive camping -large open area (15 acres) Totality Time 2 min 29.8 sec   RESERVATIONS
St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, 312 W. 16th, primitive pull-through RV sites. Reservation: (308) 762-1965 or

Airport Rodeo Grounds – 2 miles east of Alliance on Hwy 2, turn south (right) at the airport area sign, follow signs to the Rodeo Grounds… Totality time: 2 min. 30.6 sec. Parking reservations available HERE– closest area to centerline, large open area, no lights

Airport Fly-in only viewing site: at the Alliance Municipal Airport. The FBO, Heartland Aviation is sponsoring a Fly-in only viewing site for pilots and their passengers. Reservations for airplane parking: (308) 762-5311 Space is limited…  Lunch available.

Other Viewing/Camping/Parking sites:

Toadstock: Party on the Prairie
Totality time: 2 min. 30.4 seconds, no lights, great stars
6 miles west on Otoe Road, 1/2 north on CR 67 Friday, Saturday, Sunday live bands nightly, Free primitive campsites with nightly event ticket

Breen RV Parking and viewing site: No lights, dark skies, room for 50 RVs, dry camping, porta-potties, water available. Easy access from Hwy 385, 5 miles northwest of Alliance. 2 min, 28 seconds of total eclipse time. Reservations: (308) 762-3701

Smith RV/Tent Parking and viewing site: Primitive camping 6 miles west on Otoe Road, Quiet area away from the hubbub, Dark Skies for star gazing. Easy access directly off paved road. Res: 308-760-6021

Klock RV site: No lights, great star viewing in dark skies, RVs, primitive camping with water available on site. Easy access from Hwy 385. Six miles south of Alliance. 2min, 29.7 seconds of total eclipse time. Reservations: (308) 763-1884

Blakeman Trailer Court, west side of Alliance on Hwy 385  Primitive RV / tent sites available w/ port-potties. Res: (308) 762-3537

Garza RV Parking: East side of Alliance. Primitive camping on paved/gravel lot, w/viewing area, easy access from Highway 2. Few streetlights. 2 min 30.2 seconds of totality. Reservations: (308) 760-4869

Wells Ranch: 8 miles south on CR 59, 1/2 east. No lights, great viewing site – primitive RV/Tent sites 2 min 30.0 sec. of totality. Paved road to within 1/2 mile of pasture. FaceBook Res: (303) 579-0892

Skyview RC Club: Remote Control airplanes, drones, and helicopters fly on August 19-20. Primitive RV and Tent camping all weekend and through the Eclipse (2min 30.6 sec). Porta-potties on site. Reservations: (308) 763-8794

Ike and Sons Storage: Primitive RV parking, located on a green field. Close to K-Mart and local restaurants. Souvenirs available. Reservations: (308) 762-5551

PST Automotive: 1450 W.3rd, Primitive 1 RV parking, next to secure building in town, close to restaurants and K-Mart. Reservation: (308) 760-7100

Johnson’s RV only sites: 1/2 mile south of Kansas on CR 59, (2min 30.5 sec) Primitive parking in country, paved road to site, dark skies with no streetlights Res: (308) 760-7100

Rhino Linings of Alliance and RV Park: (2min 29sec) Full service, elec./water, and primitive sites, Tenting sites. Dark skies, highest viewing hill in the area. Reservations: (308) 762-9361

Hemingford sites:

Planansky RV: Full service (water, sewer, and electricity. Dark skies with no streetlights. 2min 18 sec. of Totality. Reservations (308) 487-5354

Roes RV Campground: Dark skies, no streetlights. Concrete pads, water, electricity. 2min 16sec of Totality. Reservations: (308) 760-0213

Box Butte County Fairgrounds: Viewing site, RV w/ Electricity and Primitive sites, no water/sewer hookups. Restrooms & showers available. Reservations: (308) 487-3465

Red Dog RV/Tent: (2 min 11.9 sec) primitive camping, open dark skies, 20 ft observation tower, fire ring, viewing from hill overlooking the ponds. outhouse, shower Pet friendly  Res: (308) 760-2792

In Alliance as we Wait for the Sun to go DARK
Live Music Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Food Vendors, Beer Garden, Kid games.
Fun and educational activities all weekend
Astronomical seminars. TBA