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We are advising to be “in-place” prior to Sunday night to avoid traffic congestion. Come in early, relax and enjoy the weekend’s festivities and all that Alliance has to offer.

The best place for viewing the Total Solar Eclipse is on the center of the eclipse path for the longest viewing time. Alliance, Nebraska is located in the center of the eclipse path.
The entire United States will have a partial eclipse, don’t think that a partial eclipse is “good enough”, a partial eclipse is like standing outside the restaurant smelling the steak on the grill – while a TOTAL Eclipse is like actually eating the Nebraska Beef!

Weather forecast:

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From Eclipsophile.com/Nebraska: “A good home base for eclipse expeditions is Alliance, NE,  located in the best weather zone on the plains. Highway 2 from Alliance offers 320 km of in-the-track travel toward the east if cloud avoidance is necessary and a westerly escape can go all the way to Casper, Wyoming and still stay in the umbral region.”


Alliance, in Western Nebraska is centrally located for eclipse viewers from North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, Wyoming and much of Canada.
Alliance is located 4 hours north and east of Denver Colorado (DIA) and 2 1/2 hours south of Rapid City, SD (RAP). I believe it was Carly Simon who once sang “Then you flew your Lear Jet up to Alliance Nebraska.  To see the total eclipse of the sun…” (or something to that effect) 🙂   Fly-in only airport viewing info at FlyAllianceNE.com (AIA). Airport viewing is FULL.

Plan to arrive in plenty of time to stake out your viewing site, and to enjoy our town and folks on this very special weekend.


The weekend of the Eclipse: Food, Bands, Arts, Games along with educational and fun events to make your visit to Alliance memorable, educational, and fun for the entire family. Come find out what Western Nebraska hospitality is all about and experience the Total Eclipse. We’re looking forward to seeing you in August of 2017!


The only time you can view the sun without protective glasses (CE Certified Safe Solar Eclipse Glasses) is during the total eclipse, at all other times, protect your eyes. DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN.
Souvenir solar viewing glasses and souvenirs are on sale through the Alliance Chamber of Commerce.

Things to see and do while in
Alliance, Nebraska

Other viewing sites in Nebraska at NEclipse17.com

Named as an official Nebraska’s 150th Birthday Event for 2017

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Someone asked us why we decided to have the eclipse on a Monday... 
we blamed the Federal Government